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Issue 2 - Fall 2017


If the only constant is change, then adaptation and entrepreneurial activity are required. 

As individuals, we deal with aging conditions involving eyeglasses and other assistance from people and devices. Companies have advisors, processes and systems to monitor their present and prepare for the future. 

We explore some of these challenges in this edition of ThinkSet, diving into both the near-term future of the corporation and ways to transition, whether the change is global, digital or survival. 


Issue 1 - Summer 2017

Fortune Favors the Resilient

By now, every company is innovative, all top executives are nimble and every industry is in a historic transition. Why, then, develop another magazine for business executives? 

One answer is that “history” is a staple of business education. Magazines, cases and analyst commentary are rear-facing indicators. Although that’s helpful, we prefer an active verb for managing organizations in today’s dynamic, always connected and uncertain world.

With ThinkSet, our goal is to decode events from today’s business and corporate headlines with expert advice and big-picture thinking that is worth the most valuable asset you have: TIME.