If things seem catastrophic, just wait a few minutes for the next alarm to sound.

Crisis has been the theme of 2017, from natural disasters to corporate scandal and failures. The intensity of each storm gets scrutinized for easy comparison, but the accumulated volume of risks creates a constant worry over what’s next. 

Destruction happens with remarkable speed. Rebuilding takes much longer and does not receive the same attention.


Featured ThinkSet issue 3 articles

Can Data and Analytics Fix US Healthcare?

Undeniable progress has been made in collection and dissemination of data across the healthcare system. What problems has this solved? What problems may have been created? We provide an assessment for the current value of data analytics on the healthcare marketplace. (David Wallace)


Worldview: China’s Plans and the Unknown Global Impact

China sits at the precipice of an economic revolution, straddling the line between its traditional Communist principals and a rapidly changing global economy. BRG discusses the impact of recent events and assesses the nature of future investment opportunities in the Chinese Republic. (Ben Yeung and Stuart Witchell)


The Return of Servant Leadership

As a new generation of workers strives for purpose in their roles, a return to “Leading from Below” is taking hold across corporate America. Customer-centric business models are making a comeback, and executives across the country are looking to capture this value for their own. (David Bunker )


Future of Work: The Contingent Workforce

Statistics show that up to 40% of the US workforce can be classified as ‘contingent.' What motivates these project-based employees, and how can companies capitalize on their value to increase agility across their organizations? 
(Jeff Antonelli )


Also in the issue

Retaining Top Talent for the Long Run  - Marlin Chapman and Joe Bohling
Risks Beyond the Glass Ceiling - Tam Harbert
Reinventing Business Education  - Hugh Courtney
Data, Devices, Services Luring Medtech Investors (Infographics)